Windows from a professional

Just bying windows? Yes. At DUBIEL´s you have the opportunity to book whole production quotas. It is worth: Early Bird-terms: 20% more windows or 20% off price.


FAQ Early Bird Price

  • Who can be an early bird?
    Specialist dealers and companies.

  • What conditions must be met?
    A material condition for production launch is a positive credit assessment.

  • From which moment on is it possible to get an offer or an order confirmation?
    With immediate effect.

  • Where is the production plant of the windows?
    In Germany.In our factory in Saxony.

  • What´s the monthly production capacity?
    150 windows / month (assumed size / model: double leafed window with skylight 1000mm x 2000mm, skylight 600mm in spruce finger-joined, opaque finish, glass 4-16-4 Ug 1,1 W/m²K with standard window catch without protective caps) or max. 60.000 € net sales / month. The production orders will be handled in the order of the preliminary order confirmation and the complying receipt of payment.

  • What about the terms of payment?
    For the reservation the first 20%-deposit shall be made. Prior to production start a second deposit of 50% is required. The balance (other 30%) is due 7 days after completion. After receipt of payment the windows will be delivered between the following 5-8 working days. If credit rating is negative, there are to deposit securities for the 30%-final payment before start of production.

  • Is there a cash discount?
    Yes. 3%.

  • What is to be taken into account?
    - In case of Wilhelminian style buildings it is necessary to hold consultation with the monument conservation authority (obligation of 1 rescue window per flat unit ).
    - In the event of model changes a plausibility check takes place. This can lead to an order rejection.
    - In every case the production starts only after the 2. deposit and the approval of the final order confirmation.
    - All booked production quotas will be organized temporally flexible.

  • Who does the measurement of the windows?
    On request we´ll make you an offer.

  • Who is the installer of the windows?
    On request we´re able to tell you a specialized company nearby.

  • After completion you need the windows much later?
    We can make you an offer for professional interim storage (approx. 2,00 € per window / started month).